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New paradigms emerge from the studio including what may be a new model of the contemporary design studio, hiring collaborators who are specialists in their own fields — a web master, a researcher, a producer — depending on the project. Made in Space has collaborated with architects such as Barton Myers, Frank Gehry and RoTo Architects, recently with Ken Smith and Mia Lehrer, both landscape architects.

Today, Made in Space brings a unique approach that blends technology, science, word and image with color and space providing design consultancy for transmedia identity, architectural branding, and color. These projects range from signage and exhibitions to the development of color and materials palettes, three-dimensional works and various art commissions.

818 s. broadway suite 1000, los angeles, ca 90014
323 366-9818


Multidisciplinary design for memorable spaces, Made in Space is a design consultancy owned and led by April Greiman. For over three decades Made in Space has explored communications design in collaboration with architects, urban planners, and city / civic agencies. Moving from New York City in the 1970s, April based her business in Los Angeles to explore new paradigms in communication design, which she continues to do today.

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